Motion Graphics Templates
With recent updates to Adobe's dynamic link system, Mograph artists now have the ability to code motion graphics templates (aka .Mogrt files) in After Effects that are customizable inside of Premiere. Gone are the days of waiting for yet another render from the graphics team just to update the text in a lower third! But, the possibilities are endless, and the following examples only scratch the surface of what can be done.
Hand Drawn Animation
There are few methods that capture energy and emotion the way that traditional animation can, which is why many studios today are reincorporating the practice into their wheelhouse. The following examples feature hand drawn animation is various capacities, from simple flourishes to the backbone of the visuals.
Promotional Explainers
Some products are simpler than others; that's just a fact of business. And unfortunately, the harder a product is to explain, the harder it is to sell. Good explainer videos are ones that clearly demonstrate the product while keeping the audience engaged. Great explainer videos also keep the brand of the business in mind and solidify its presence. Perfect explainer videos come with ice cream.